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Sarah Prater

Loan Originator

NMLS# 1708238

901 S. Main Street Stillwater, OK 74074


About Sarah Prater

Home Loans are a People's Business. Every person who connects with me will meet their goals, sooner than later. 

When I meet with you, I will get to know you, help you design a plan to meet your goals, stick with you as you follow the steps, and then we’ll celebrate when you achieve everything you’ve set out to accomplish! 

Accomplishing goals means jumping over hurdles. Many people get stuck somewhere in the process. I do not leave people hanging – I am in this process with you from start to finish, problem-solving alongside you, every step of the way. 

I help people in these situations every day: 

  • Are you sick of renting, frustrated about increasing rental prices – but unsure how to qualify for a loan to buy a house? 
  • Are you frustrated because you have been told you can’t get a loan, but you don’t know why?
  • Do you know that your credit is not so great, but you can’t find anyone to show you what to do?
  • Are you already a homeowner and you want to do something smart and creative next?
  • Have you struggled to get a loan because you are self-employed or a first-time investor?

Wherever you are - I’ll meet you there and get you home! 

Apply for a Home Loan here – When you click submit on the application, I will get an email. I will call you within 24 hours to verify your file and let you know next steps. 

Schedule a Call with me - we’ll talk through your goals, and design a plan.

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Let’s Get You Home!

~ Sarah, Your Home Loan Connection
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